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Ahmedabad Annual program 2018 on 28-1-18 at Sapan Exotica, Narmada branch Canal Road, Nr Dantali Indl. Estate, Gota-Vadsar road, Vadsar from 9 am to 4-30 pm. Regn. from 17th. Ahmedabad program sponsorship 2019 by 1990 batch



A.V.Parekh Technical Institute entered into the 50th year in July 1997. When this institute completed its 25 years, Silver jubilee was celebrated. To celebrate 50 years of progress, it was decided to commemorate and celebrate Golden Jubilee Year. The principal Shri V.M.Patwari called the meeting of the staff members to plan out the celebrations. It was evident that the celebration would not be fruitful without support and participation of the past-students. Therefore, it was decided to form A.V.P.T.I. Alumni Association. With the overwhelming support of the past-students, Alumni Association was formed. Contribution of Shri Indubhai Vora, an industrialist, in giving the initial thrust needs a special mention.

First event conducted was Vision-2000, an industrial exhibition and Communication-2000, a technical seminar attended by many eminent scientists, eductionists, industrialists and technocrates from various fields held on 27-28 December 1997. The most significant was the presence of Shri B.S.Subba Rao. He spent his active life as 'Guru' and rendered services for more than 25 years as Principal contributing significantly in the development of the institute and earning name and fame for it. He donated Rs. 10,000/- to association. Inspired by him many donors donated significant amount for the good cause and objectives of the association. From this, medals to first two ranks holders in all faculties are awarded to the students every year in donors name.

During Golden Jubilee celebrations information regarding many students' whereabout was not available. They could not attend the function. To have visit of our parent institute once again, it was decided to celebrate Diamond Jubilee celebration at AVPTI building. The grand event was planned jointly by Rajkot Main Chapter and Ahmedabad Chapter and sponsored by Shri Rakesh Aggarwal (1974 DESE). Late Shri B. R. Pandit ex-student and lecturer was very enthusiatic about it and planned most of the things. But most unfortunately he blessed the function from the heaven. Association will always remain indebted to him. Before the function Ms. Uma Iyer, In-charge Principal managed to get office space for the association in the institute premises which was inaugurated during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on 27th January 2007. Association expresses sincere thanks to Ms. Uma Iyer.

Ahmedabad Chapter

Soon after formation of the association Shri V.M.Patwari who himself is alumni of AVPTI, visited various organisations in Ahmedabad-SAC-ISRO in particular-in October 1997, to organise the activities of the association as there was a large concentration of the alumni there. Shri D.C.Mehta organised a meeting of past students with him. The response was very overwhelming. Immediate target was Industrial Exhibition Vision-2000 and a Technical Seminar Communication-2000 to be held at AVPTI-Rajkot. More than 100 alumni participated from Ahmedabad. Soon after that a meeting-1st get-together of Ahmedabad Chapter-was held on 25th January 1998 at the residence of Shri S. A. Shah (1967 DRE), where the formal declaration of formation of the chapter was done in presence of 48 members. The strengh in 10 years has crossed 600. The major thrust was given by Late Shri J. D. Raval (1972 DERE) who always stood behind us for any kind of help. Association will always remember his services and tremendous affection to the Institute and its alumni.

The Objectives of Alumni Association

  1. To promote technical education and learning.

  2. To aid and Support Industrial Research, Testing, Consultancy etc.

  3. To provide for advancement of social welfare and diffusion of useful knowledge.

  4. To secure funds and endowments for the promotion of Science & Technologies.

  5. To promote the Academic Development of Students by way of incentives such as Scholarships, Medals, Prizes & by other Academic Measures.

Major Donors in Golden Jubilee year and later

Name Identity City Amount Rs.
Shri B. S. Subba Rao Ex-Principal, AVPTI Hyderabad 10,000/-+ 10,000 (2008 again)
Shri V. M. Patwari Ex-student (1967) & Principal, AVPTI Rajkot 10,000/-
Shri C. T. Vyas Ex-student (1974) Ahmedabad 21,000/-
Shri Udayan Shah Ex-student (1973) Ahmedabad 11,000/-
Shri J. B. Modh Ex-student (1972) Ahmedabad 11,000/-
Shri P. B. Patel Ex-student (1976) Ahmedabad 11,000/-
Shri Vijay B. Boghra Ex-student (1979) Chicago-USA 9,637/-($250)
Shri P. J. Kansagra Ex-student (1982-83) Gandhinagar 15,000/-
Smt. Uma Iyer Incharge Principal, AVPTI Rajkot 10,000/-(In 2009)
Shri C. M. Devani Ex-student (1964) Rajkot 10,000/-(In 2010)
Shri B. K. Shah Ex-student (1972) New York-USA 11,000/-(In 2013)

Other than this, hundreds of ex-students, staff members and well-wishers like Shri Indubhai Vora contributed generously to the association during golden jubilee celebrations. After that also flow of donations has always continued in some or other forms. More importantly, many members have spared their valuable time and laid the strong foundation to build the association. Association will always remain indebted to these foundation stones.

New Membership

At present membership is available to all the ex-students of AVPTI. Click Here for further information on membership and submission of form.

15th August 2008




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